20 Bites Sized Tips For A Better Home Page

I thought this company had a lot of create articles and blogs about digital marketing, SEO and content marketing. In the link provided, they share ways to improve your home page and avoid mistakes that amateurs make. Since I have never created a website before, I found this blog interesting and useful. It’s also not as dry as some of the other SEO blogs written.


What Is Search Engine Optimization?


Another beginners guide to SEO. This video explains what SEO is in a fun and creative way. Understand SEO in only 3 minutes. Yes, just 3 minutes!


SEO For Beginners

As we all brace ourselves for our annotated bibliographies, I can’t help but wonder if I am the only one unsure of good sources. I started to google SEO and found this great link that’s directly from Google itself. It’s the SEO Starter Guide! What a perfect document to read and start to understand the basics of SEO. This document that Google created has yours basics, how to improve your sites structure, optimizing content, SEO on mobile phones and much, much more. Have a read and feel like an SEO ninja.