How important social media signals really are

This article explains that Google doesn’t crawl social media sites like it does with other pages. Matt has all the explanations on why social signals seem to have no affect on ranking either. Read up for some hidden tips.

I rank this site a 6 out of 10.


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Analytics Strategy For 2014

“Digital marketing has evolved and the purchase cycle has become more complex, as marketers struggle to find ways to get the maximum returns on investment. We have seen a similar trend in 2013 where social media and mobile became the mainstream digital channels, Content continues to be the primary fuel for digital marketing. Another trend that emerged in 2012-2013 was the increased focus on big data.” – Sameer Khan


20 Bites Sized Tips For A Better Home Page

I thought this company had a lot of create articles and blogs about digital marketing, SEO and content marketing. In the link provided, they share ways to improve your home page and avoid mistakes that amateurs make. Since I have never created a website before, I found this blog interesting and useful. It’s also not as dry as some of the other SEO blogs written.